28.11.2009 Visit from LAG St. John of Nepomuk

On one Saturday in November, representatives of the LAG St. John of Nepomuk visited the LAG Landscape of my heart. What they visited and how they evaluated this excursion, wrote Pavel Motejzík. Excursion to LAG Landscape heart, November 28, 2009. The result of Saturday's trip to LAG Landscape of my heart were new experiences, new contacts, meeting interesting people and seeing successful projects. Moreover, we also gained new energy for future work. Although all members of our LAG, mayors of municipalities in whose territory the organization operates and other people with whom LAG worked, were invited, just 5 people joined the minibus presented. And even though you and I can imagine spending Saturday in different way than on the educational-cognitive excursion, I must admit that I did not think about other activities that day. We visited Mr.Dobeš, artistic blacksmith from Moraveč near Mladá Vožice. He dedicates over 12 hours a day to his work, but he can tell with great enthusiasm about other topics, such as the project with a tower with an exhibition of the blacksmith craft in his own land. After seven years of effort he finally got funding from the Regional Operational Programme for this project. Martina Krumpholcová is one of our most active members, sos he could not miss this excursion. And what did she take away from our next stop, from the office of the LAG Landscape of my heart? "We learned how works their membership, how evaluates the projects, which experience have in cooperation with the Finnish LAG, as well as opportunities for cooperation in the framework of our LAG, such as the Rural Market Project III." The third stop was the Christmas show in Borotín with the presentation of the project of craft centers. Rarely happens that I look at someone with an open mouth. This time I really stared. And not just me. What showed us 80-year-old lady Šťastnová, we neither could respond differently. At first glance she was a little old woman, who spun in folk costume at the spinning wheel and telling fairy tales. Although her recent eye surgery prohibited her to ride a horse, to stand on her head during yoga or to ride Simson. And her recipe for vitality? "To do, to do, always to do something." Happy the woman, not only by name. The fourth stop was in the farm with buffalo breeding and breeding of bulls in Cunkov where the interpretation was aptly complemented by Václav Bečvář from our membership base, who is breeding bulls alone in Čmelíny. The fifth stop was in the town of Sedlec-Prčice specifically in Prčice studio. The house in which the studio is being built, was bought in 2003 by Mr. Sedláček. Currently imide it operates a cultural and community center, including stays of foreign students. In the studio we also met with the mayor of this town, Mrs. Miroslava Jeřábková. As stated another member of our LAG, Mr. Leoš Kubový from the civic association Voletín "I never thought that at the first visit to this town I would be personally greeted by the local mayor." But Mr.Sedláček has a lot of work to do on this devastated building. But when someone does something with passion, the work goes somewhat faster.